5 Voices: 60-Day Team Challenge


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This experience will transform your team forever.

Everyone in your organization has a leadership voice. Help them discover it with the 5 Leadership Voices Team Challenge.

Overview of the Experience

Preparation: Team diagnostic

The program will kickoff with a diagnostic that will benchmark the team’s current reality in Relationship, Communication, Capacity, Synergy, Alignment, and Execution.

Week 1: 5 LEADERSHIP VOICES Team retreat

During this 1-day event, we will share the 5 Voices Accelerator to discover all of the leadership voices of everyone on the team.

Weeks 2 – 7: Going Deeper with 5 Voices

During this time, we will unpack the power of the 5 Voices system and begin to transform your team and interpersonal communication. You will be equipped with the tools, vocabulary and insights that will immediately result in measurable differences within your team.

2 CORE Groups Per Month

CORE Groups create a safe environment for peer accountability and encouragement. Each group of 6 - 8 members meets twice a month face-to-face or online to share experiences and reinforce the learning from the previous retreat.

1:1 Coaching

Experience tells us that retreats alone are not enough to create lasting transformation. We provide one-to-one coaching opportunities each month that allow you to go deeper and apply the learning directly to your life.

GiANT Toolkit

Access to the GiANT vault of online resources. We will provide you with every resource you need to continue applying the learning with your team. This will include videos, workbooks, presentations, and tools.

Week 8: 5 leadership voices finale

For this 1-day finale, invite everyone in your organization for an Accelerator experience. We will wrap up and discuss the next steps.

5 Voices Gantt

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The 5 Voices is a powerful tool designed for individuals, teams, and families.

Greater Self-Awareness

Learn your voice and understand what it’s like to be on the other side of your leadership.

Better Alignment

Discover the sweet spots of those on your team, get better aligned, and reach higher levels of performance.

Clear Communication

Communicate what you mean without people taking it the wrong way and getting offended.

Effective Delegation

Delegate more effectively to save time and increase productivity.

High Performance

Confidently build high-performing teams, rather than taking shots in the dark and hoping people do their jobs well.

Quicker Decisions

Learn how to listen better, ask helpful questions, and make quicker decisions.

“You cannot lead people who you cannot connect with powerfully. 5 Voices offers you ways to resonate, motivate and elevate those who follow you or work beside you.”

— Tim Sanders, author of Love is the Killer App: How To Win Business and Influence Friends

“5 Voices is in everyday use inside our organization. The powerful vocabulary helps our people to communicate and lead more effectively and to fufill our passion for enabling our people to be the best that they can be.”

– John Cotterell, CEO, Endava

“This book will change the way you communicate. 5 Voices helps leaders find their voice and understand how they’re heard. These pages are a tool that will enhance your self-awareness and extend your influence.”

— Dan Rockwell, blogger, Leadership Freak

“5 Voices is a thought provoking, insightful, and applicable concept for all organizations….business, government, health care, ministry, education or other non-profits. The book is well written and full of examples that help the 5 Voices principles come alive.”

— Tim Tassopoulos, Executive Vice President of Operations, Chick-fil-A

“5 Voices was the key that helped us unlock each person’s full potential on our team. It really has been transformational for our entire organization. If you desire a more cohesive and productive team with better communication, then take them through the 5 Voices.”

— Andrew J. Dahl, President, Dahl Automotive

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